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August 3, 2021


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Veterans' Benefits

Disability Pension Program
Eligibility information for individuals who have a permanent disability resulting from an injury or disease that was attributable to, incurred during, or aggravated by service during active duty.

Funeral, Burial and Gravemarking Assistance – Last Post Fund
Information on assistance for veterans who are without the necessary financial resources to provide for a dignified funeral and burial.

Health Care Program
Information on VAC treatment and other health-related benefits; Veterans Independence Program benefits, services, and long-term care; as well as community or contract facilities for veterans and other eligible persons.

Health Care Identification Card
How to use your VAC health care identification card to obtain health care benefits.

Independence Program
Services available to assist eligible clients to remain healthy and independent in their own homes or communities. Services received depend on the particular circumstances and health needs of each client.

Prisoner of War Compensation
A veteran who was a prisoner of war, or who evaded capture or escaped, may be entitled to compensation. Compensation may also be paid to members of Allied Forces who were domiciled in Canada or Newfoundland at the time of enlistment in the First or Second World War, and to some civilians who served in support of the Canadian Forces.

Residential Care
Information on VAC’s commitment to establish, manage and support long term care facilities that address the evolving needs of veterans and other seniors.

Veterans Services
Veterans Affairs Canada site with general information on various benefits.

War Veterans Allowance (WVA)
Descriptions and eligibility information on the WVA. Both veterans and veterans’ survivors may be eligible for this income-tested benefit.