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June 18, 2021


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Old Age Security Program

Social Development Canada site with information on the Allowance for low-income seniors.

Allowance for the Survivor
Social Development Canada site with information on the Allowance for the Survivor available to low income seniors

Federal Benefits Site
This Government of Canada website has links to all of the various benefits provided by the federal government. The list is organized by the identity of the person entitled to the benefit, as well as by the life event for which the benefits can be applied. There is also a link from this page to an alphabetical listing.

Financial Benefits for Seniors - HRSDC
Links to all of the financial benefits provided by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and also to information about your Social Insurance Number.

Guaranteed Income Supplement
Social Development Canada site with information on the GIS.

HRSDC Benefits Forms Listed by Subject
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada site with list of forms for all benefits administered by HRDC. Includes Employment Insurance, Income Security, and Social Insurance Number.

International Income Security Benefits
If you have lived or worked in another country, or you are the surviving spouse or common-law partner of someone who has lived or worked in another country, this site will help you determine if you are eligible for benefits from Canada or abroad.

International Income Security Benefits Applications Listed by Country
Additional application forms will be posted as they become available.

Interim Application for Foreign Benefits under an Agreement on Social Security
To be completed when the application form for another country's benefits are not available on the International Benefits Applications site.

Old Age Security Forms Listed by Title
This SDC site contains links to various application forms and information sheets for OAS, GIS, the Allowance, and the Allowance for the Survivor. It also has links to forms to declare legal marriage, separation, or common-law unions. If you can't find the form you're looking for, click the "next" link on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Old Age Security Pension -- Frequently Asked Questions
Social Development Canada site with information on the OAS Pension.

Old Age Security Program
Social Development Canada site with information on Old Age Security and related benefits. Includes general, benefit and payment information, as well as several fact sheets.

Tribunals -- CPP/OAS: Office of the Commissioner
Federal government site with information on how to appeal decisions affecting eligibility for Canada Pension Plan or Old Age Security benefits.