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August 3, 2021


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Legal Services

Canadian Bar Association service and website with information about the law in BC. Tape recorded information can be accessed with touchtone phone 24 hours a day by calling: 1-800-565-5297 (toll free) or, in the Lower Mainland: 604-687-4680.

Lawyer Referral Service
Contact information for the lawyer referral service, plus some information about using the service.

Legal Aid
Legal Services Society website with links to information about legal aid.

Legal Services Society
Information about legal aid, including eligibility guidelines, problems that legal aid can help you with, and how to apply.

Legal Services Society Publications
Online versions of brochures and booklets on a range of legal topics.

Pro Bono — Lawyer Consultant Program
Information about BC Salvation Army's pro bono (free) legal advice program.

ProBonoNet BC
This site links lawyers and communities in BC. The site has legal information and explains how to go about finding legal help. Lawyers working with the pro bono program donate time (free of charge) to low-income people in their communities. For a list of the pro bono programs in BC, click on the Directory link at the top of the ProBonoNet home page.

Public Guardian and Trustee’s Office
Will act for individuals in situations in which the person is unable to act for themselves and has no family or friends that can act for them.

Western Society to Access Justice
Information about the WSAJ's Pro Bono Project, which provides free legal help to low-income clients.