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August 3, 2021


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Financial Assistance Programs

Housing Information & Housing Options



Financial Assistance Programs

Home Renovations for Independent Living
An index of CMHC financial assistance programs.

Property Tax Deferment
One of two property tax assistance programs offered by the Surveyor of Taxes office to help homeowners reduce the amount of taxes they pay on their home.

Provincial Home Owners Grant
A second of two property tax assistance programs offered by the Surveyor of Taxes office to help homeowners reduce the amount of taxes they pay on their home.

Reverse Mortgages Canadian Home Improvement Plan (CHIP)
Information on CHIP Reverse Mortgages for homeowners aged 62 and older.

Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER)
BC Housing financial assistance program for renters 60 years and older.

Supported Independent Living Program (SLIP)
BC Housing financial assistance program for supported housing for people with severe and persistent mental illness.


Housing Information & Housing Options

Assisted Living Registration Project
The Ministry of Health Services is working to ensure the health and safety of seniors and people with disabilities living in assisted living residences are protected. This Web site contains information on new legislation and the development of standards and complaint resolution processes for the registration of assisted living residences for seniors and people with disabilities.

BC Housing
Information on location of area offices, as well as information on eligibility criteria, applying for housing, and availability of various housing options.

  • Independent Living BC (ILBC)
    Seniors with lower incomes and people with disabilities are able to rent ILBC units for 70 per cent of after-tax income.  This covers accommodation, meals, personal care and hospitality services, such as housekeeping, laundry, recreational opportunities and 24-hour response system.  BC Housing provides housing subsidies to those who qualify for the Independent Living BC program and the health authorities fund the personal care services.

  • Applying for Housing
    The Health Authorities are responsible for selecting tenants for publicly-funded ILBC developments. Inquiries should be directed to your health authority and not housing operators. Individuals cannot apply directly to housing developments. This page has links to all of the BC Health Authority websites.

  • Rent Supplements SAFER & SLIP

Cordova House
Provides housing to men and women ages 45 over. Geared to serve the hard-to-house of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Residential Care, Facts About
Brief Ministry of Health publication with information on benefits and services related to assisted living and long term care facilities in PDF format.

Seniors Housing Information Program (SHIP)
Site includes information on Lower Mainland housing options, as well as information and referrals to community resources for seniors. SHIP is a free service for seniors living in the Lower Mainland. SHIP also takes calls from people living all over the province.



Residential Tenancy Act A Guide for Landlords and Tenants in BC
Provides information about how the Residential Tenancy Act affects landlords and tenants in BC.

Residential Tenancy Office
The BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General site has answers to common tenancy questions, as well as access to forms and legislation.

Tenants Rights Action Coalition (TRAC)
TRAC provides fact sheets for renters (some in several languages) and publications on subjects like repairs, rent increases, security deposits, and facing eviction. Sample checklists and letters can be adapted for use in particular situations.

TRAC Fact Sheets

TRAC Tenant Survival Guide
The Guide is broken down into linked chapters. Information on how to order print copies is also available on this page.
The Tenant Survival Guide is a plain language guide to tenants' rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancy Act in British Columbia.