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August 3, 2021


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Government Information Services


Access Centres
This Government of Canada site contains information about Service Canada Access Centres, including the types of services offered and entitlement. A complete list of Access Centre locations in BC can be found by clicking here.

Information on the Government of Canada
For information about any Government of Canada program or service, you can begin with the general programs and services site and work your way to where you want to go.


BC Government Agents
This website provides links to services and information available through Government Agents. Persons unable to access the services or information on the web may need to receive service in person or on the phone.

You can also link directly to contact information for all of the Government Agent offices across the province. Or, you can call Enquiry BC 1-800-663-7867 and be transferred free of charge to the Government Agents office you wish.  From Greater Victoria, citizens dial 387-6121 and from Metro Vancouver, the number to call is 604-660-2421.

Enquiry BC
This site provides contact information for this Provincial Government call centre. An operator will answer and give you the telephone number of the local office of a provincial government program or service. The site also lists the services provided by the call centre.

Regional and Municipal

Regional Districts and Municipalities of BC
A directory of links to all of the municipalities and regional districts in BC that belong to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. These links will take you to the home pages of each municipality and district. From there, follow the links to services, seniors, leisure and recreation etc.

Greater Vancouver Regional District
Information about the role of the GVRD and links to its 21 member municipalities.

City of Vancouver
Links to Mayor and Council, City Departments and Services, and contact information for city staff.